If you need to contact Metro 148 director Angelou Beswick to discuss any matter related to your current tenancy you can call her direct during office hours on 020 7613 4600 or email info@metro148.com.

Out of hours

E14 Renovations

For plumbing, electrical or heating emergencies out of hours, Metro 148 tenants should, in the first instance contact the dedicated team at E14 Renovations by calling 07944 403 154 or via email at e14renovations@hotmail.co.uk.

MJ Homes

If E14 Renovations are unable to respond, please contact MJ Homes either by calling 07525 534 495 or 020 8306 5735 or via email to matt@mjhomes.co.uk.


Market Lock And Safe

Metro 148 tenants who are locked out or who have lost their keys or had them stolen can contact Market Lock And Safe direct on 020 7536 3142 or go to market-lock.co.uk.


To contact the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service or Police to report an emergency such as a fire, ongoing crime or a critical medical matter call 999. Crimes can also be reported to the Metropolitan Police by calling the non-emergency number 101.

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Keys and lock the door on the background of solar garden

Image: I-Wei Huang

Image: I-Wei Huang